10 Best Images to Inspire Your Sitting Poses Photography

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Best 10 Tips for Sitting Poses Photography

1. Elbow on the Knee pose

sitting poses photography_elbow on the knees

This is one of the most popular sitting photography poses. It shows shoulder broadness and captures the whole body. It presents your natural frame and it is adaptive because it allows you to express emotions with your face.

2. One-leg extension pose

sitting poses photography_one-leg extension

Are you thinking of showing off your height while sitting down? This pose is perfect for that and it is easy to achieve.

Depending on your distance to the camera and where you are seated, you can bend one leg and extend the other leg. A simple hack to make this more unique is to have the bent leg closer to the camera. This gives a flattering and elongated view of the other leg in line with your body. Could be fun to try out.

3. Sitting on the floor pose

sitting poses photography_sititng on the floor

Quite unconventional but if done right will be one of the best sittings poses photography you have ever tried out.

The goal is to look natural while infusing any elements you want to add. Make sure to make the theme informal with your dressing. The more casual you appear, the better the output is likely to be. Also, it is much fun if it’s for a single person.

4. Lean forward on an object

sitting poses photography_lean forward

Leaning forward is one of the traditional sitting down poses for photography. It paces a lot of focus on your face and narrows down on your body.

This posture has evolved as people find it unnatural and have decided to rather lean on something to keep the body at ease. So, you can use objects like tables, chair arms and many other objects to hold your body weight while leaning forward. Also, try to put your chin out to shape up your face.

5. Being unconventional is cool

sitting poses photography_being unconventional

Try a little bit of your ingenuity in your sitting poses photography. Nothing beats your ingenuity to try something different.

You may sit on a chair, open your legs and have them bent while posing to the side. Almost anything goes with your ingenuity as long as you are willing to try it.

6. Try cross-legging

sitting poses photography_cross legs

Popularly called the pretzel pose because you are crossing your leg just like the knots.

If you are sitting on the floor, this can be a fun photo with a colorful background. Usually, having a theme to the photograph will help glorify this pose. Make it casual also.

7. 45-degree with knees away from the camera

sitting poses photography_45 degree

45-degree is another traditional powerhouse sitting pose for photography. You are required to turn your body to 45 degrees facing the camera. Your hip plays an integral role in achieving this pose.

8. Leaning against the wall pose

sitting poses photography_lean against wall

Trying this pose can give a great sitting photography outcome if you can nail it right. When seated on a flat surface, you can lean your body on the wall to improve your posture.

Be careful to avoid resting your entire body as this bends your body shape and makes it awkward.

9. Your posture matters

sitting poses photography_posture

A balanced posture is everything to ensuring sitting poses photography. No matter what you plan to achieve with your theme, you need to pay close attention to your posture.

Ensure you strike the perfect balance in seating while keeping your bent leg(s) at 90-degree while ensuring a straight back. Try to allow your body to follow the natural curves without hassles.

10. Try one leg up

sitting poses photography_one leg up

This pose style relaxes your body and presents a calm and friendly sight.

This fun pose can be better achieved either by sitting on a flat surface or a high surface. You bend just a leg up with the heel very close to your body. Then you can rest on it. Try this and explore uncharted territory in sitting chair poses for photography.

After the sitting photography poses shooting is over, it is necessary to post-edit the photos to improve overall quality. You can add filters, adjust the lightness, or use a tool like BGremover to help remove background online from the photo and enhance photos with a new background and tell a different story.


Getting the perfect sitting poses photography requires meticulous planning. However, you can also entrust it to your spontaneity. Whatever the case may be, this article must have surely sparked your creative juices to flow for your next sitting poses for photography.

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