How to Resize an Image in Photoshop?

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how to resize image

One of Photoshop’s most often utilized features is the ability to resize images. Using Photoshop to resize your photographs is so popular that even individuals who know absolutely nothing about it can still do it, which should give you a sense of how simple it is. Does your picture match your demands in terms of size? It’s simple to resize an image using Adobe Photoshop on either Mac or Windows. Let us show you how.

How to resize an image in Photoshop?

Begin the process by loading the picture you want to resize into Photoshop. “Image” is located at the top of the Photoshop menu bar, and “Image Size” appears in the drop-down menu.

The first step in resizing a picture is to choose a measurement unit in the “Image Size” box. You may select a unit type by clicking the drop-down menu next to the “Width” or “Height” entry. Next, determine whether you want to maintain the original image’s aspect ratio. It is the connection between the two sides of the picture that defines the aspect ratio.

The next step is to resize your image. Click the “Width” option and input a new size to alter the photo’s width. Changing the photo’s height is as simple as clicking the “Height” option and inputting a new number.

Then, in the “Image Size” box, click “OK.”

How to resize Images without Photoshop?

If you’re just getting started with digital picture editing, resizing might be a pain. There are a lot of programs out there that make exaggerated promises about their ease of use, quality, results, and more. You’ve come to the proper location, so don’t worry about it. When it comes to resizing a picture, people have many typical questions, and this article is here to address some of the most often asked questions concerning the procedure.

How to resize an image with VanceAI Image Resizer?

The Vance AI Image Resizer is available as a web-based application for Windows and Mac. It’s a useful tool that can allow you to resize your images by up to four times for free. It’s a pleasant perk that the UI is so easy to use. And this website has many other tools to help you further enhance your images. For example, you can use VanceAI Image Cropper to adjust the image size as you wish. Be aware that this service is free, but only for a limited number of files per month.

  1. Visit the website by the above link. Once you’ve selected the Upload Image option, a dialogue box will appear.
  2. Your subscription or account type and the remaining credits are shown in the dialogue box. To add a picture, go to the Uploaded tab and click Upload in this image resizer. Click on the Continue button after you’re finished.
  3. Within a few seconds, the program should show the results. The output may be compared to the original, and the Download option can be clicked when you are ready. As part of the free sign-up, Google or VanceAI accounts are acceptable.

About VanceAI

VanceAI serves as an all-in-one photo enhancer online to helo you enhance your image whenever you want to enlarge, sharpen or make any simple edits to your images. View Vance AI’s official website to learn more useful photo enhancer tools.

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How to resize an image in Gimp

Gimp is one of the most free web image resizing applications. If you’re looking for a free alternative to Photoshop, Gimp is a good option. Gimp is a powerful tool, but it should only be used for simple resizing. It’s as simple as opening up your picture in Gimp and resizing it. You may change the size of the image by going to the image, then Scale. Select Sinc as the interpolation method and then click Scale under Quality in the Quality section. A picture resizing that maintains its quality is here.

How to resize an image in Paint 3D?

  1. Open Paint 3D and the picture you want to enlarge.
  2. Then click on the Canvas button.
  3. To resize a picture using a canvas, choose Resize Image in the sidebar.
  4. In addition, check the Lock aspect ratio.
  5. Finally, under Resize canvas, choose Pixels.
  6. You may enter a maximum height or width in the relevant fields of Height and Width.
  7. The menu button may be accessed by clicking on it.
  8. Select the option to save your changes.


To begin resizing your photos, you should now have the necessary self-assurance. To keep picture quality when resizing your photographs with free programs, you may need more capable software. VanceAI, a licensed picture resizing tool, is good for larger or more complex jobs.


How to resize an image on Mac?

  • Find the picture
  • To open the picture in Preview, double-click on the image. If this doesn’t work, close the Preview and right-click to open the image in Preview.
  • Select Tools from the drop-down menu.
  • To alter the size, use the Adjust Size option.
  • Make sure that Scale proportionately is chosen if you don’t want your picture to seem stretched or squat.
  • You have the option of resizing in pixels, per cent, inches, centimetres, millimetres, or points.
  • Both Width and Height numbers may be changed independently to create different sized images.

How to resize an image online?

Several choices out there make excessive promises about their ease of use, quality, results, and more. You can go through these tools: VanceAI Image Resizer, VanceAI Image Cropper

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