Top 10 AI Picture Restore Tools Review

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Many of us have old pictures in our files that remind us of our fond childhood memories of sweets. However, it’s important to note that these historical photographs have many faults. Sadly, because of limitations in electronic photography, these images are riddled with flaws such as chips, scratches, and dents. They are attractive because of their deficiencies in today’s world of high-quality and transparent visuals. This AI picture restorer demand for restoring older photographs increases the number of services available across various platforms. Today we are going to discuss the Top 10 AI Picture Restore Tools Review.

Best 10 AI Picture Restore Tools

1. VanceAI Photo Restorer

Scratched pictures may be restored to their original condition with our free online photo restorer. It’s possible to remove scratches, improve color and sharpness, and add effects to the face in vintage photographs. VanceAI Photo Restorer uses deep learning and AI photo restoration techniques to help you save and enjoy your treasured moments. This AI solution for photo restoration, one of the most popular one from VanceAI to enhance image quality online. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money traveling to a picture restoration shop, you may get it done at home for a fraction of the cost. With the ease with which you may submit a picture and get your old images repaired, everything is at your fingertips.

Vance AI Photo Restorer

• Restore severely damaged outdated web images.
• Restore antique portrait pictures with ease.
• Deep learning utilizing restore priceless vintage photographs.

• You can only restore 3 images in accessible mode

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For more image enhancer AI solutions, you can use the link on the title to access the website and select the tool you want. For example, if you want to resize your old photo in a more reasonable composition, try VanceAI Image Cropper then. Or if you want to add some colors on your black and white photos, VanceAI Photo Colorizer shall be your best choice.

2. Hotpot.AI

Images are restored using Hotpot AI automated scratch removal, face improvement, and color sharpening capabilities. Previously, it would have taken a team of skilled experts hours to do the same thing. The company offers color and black-and-white picture restoration services.

This solution may help you save time by automating the process when it comes to complex repair tasks. It’s made to meet the needs of lightweight customers while also saving experts time on time-consuming repair projects. Images aren’t stored without the user’s consent while using this service. Hotpot AI only keep pictures for as long as it takes to train our machine learning models and then delete them. This saves on storage costs and protects customer privacy.

Hotpot AI

• Repair both black and white photos.
• Efficient services.

• The maximum image resolution Hotpot AI support is 1280×1280.

3. Image Colorizer

Image colorize uses artificial intelligence (AI) to teach the system to remove scratches from old photos and restore them with a single click. Repairing damaged images with Photoshop requires a high level of expertise. But now, with only three easy actions, you can look like an expert! Every 24 hours, all of your submitted files will be deleted. We will not keep or utilize any of your pictures in any way unless you give us explicit permission to.

Image Colorizer

• Time-saving
• 24/7 hours support

• You have to buy a premium package for advanced features.

4. Softorbits

SoftOrbit is a home picture repair software. Defects are removed, basic retouching is performed, and damaged portions are restored. Photos that are damaged or outdated may be brought back to life with the help of artificial intelligence. The whole procedure is completed in a flash. Uploading damaged, or outdated pictures is all that’s required. As soon as you start using SoftOrbits, it will begin to identify areas that need improvement. Scratches, dust, and imperfections are all removed with the help of the program. In the end, your picture will seem beautiful and natural.


• To repair flaws in photographs, use algorithms that are aware of the content.
• Remove objects from old digital pictures that have been cleaned up

• Need for a heavy computer system
• inflexible, one-time charge

5. Photo Works

Photo Works is an intelligent photo restoration tool that allows you to enhance the quality of outdated photos quickly and easily. Even though it does not claim to utilize AI technology, Photo Works has a team that incorporates AI into traditional image-enhancing methods.

Using Photo Works, you can alter the backdrop of any photo and eliminate any extraneous information. You may use this software to restore old photographs if you have any lying around. Allow Photo Works’ algorithm to remove any unwanted elements from the image, such as dust or scratches. After that, you may apply a filter to the data and then export it.

Photo Works

• Assists with picture retouching.
• Adds depth and re-creates the original look of vintage photographs.
• Use picture restoration software to fix distortions and make portraits seem better.

• You have to pay for using this tool.

6. Phowd

If you want to colorize black-and-white photos or require more sophisticated photo repair and restoration, you’ll probably want to hire expert photo retouches. Their services are reasonably priced, but the results may be spectacular. There are many ways to restore old photographs and antique images to seem fresh again, including removing scratches and damage, cleaning them up, enlarging and sharpening, recoloring and refurbishing, and more. All of these repair tasks are very easily accomplished via the use of the internet. To discover the finest retouches anywhere in the globe, utilize Phowd. They’ll be glad to assist you with this editing project.


• Create a digital copy of the pictures.
• Allows fast picture corrections in some areas.

• Some features do not work as expected.

7. MyHeritage Enhance Photo

MyHeritage Photo Enhancer is an artificial intelligence-powered photo repair software for tracing your ancestors. Photographs may be colored and enhanced with the help of some of the finest software and methods available.
With this tool, you can learn more about your ancestry, ethnicity, and race. You can quickly restore the focus in an old picture using advanced matching technologies, mainly when working with vintage portrait photographs. If you run out of credits, you must subscribe once more to continue using the service.

My Heritage Enhance Photo

• With just a single click, you can make your family pictures seem even better.
• Build a family tree to learn about your relatives.

• You have to buy the services.

8. JPG.Repair

JPG. Repair is a very specialized application that only works with the JPEG file format. It fixes a wide range of picture problems that other applications can’t. As a result, it’s distinct from everything else on the planet. You can check whether any of your images can be restored with our risk-free trial. It’s just that easy! You can buy a client account if you need to look at a lot of data.

JPG Repair

• Use free trial.
• Data will be uploaded to the data recovery cloud.

• After the trial, you have to buy the tool.

9. Photo Glory

This photo restoration tool is specialized Scanned photos may be readily cleaned up by removing imperfections such as scratches, wrinkles, stains, and tears. It also gives you the option to add colour to outdated greyscale photos automatically. Adding burning effects, retouching, and harvesting old, fading images don’t need a lot of effort.

Photo Glory

• Add color to pictures that were previously only seen in black and white.
• Color correction method that’s a step above the rest.

• There’s just one language choice that is English.
• Not aided by artificial intelligence and not carried out automatically.

10. Lunapic

LunaPic is a free online picture editor with a simple interface. Before you can begin, you must upload a photo from your computer or a website, such as Facebook. Various picture effects are available, such as red-eye reduction, vintage or pencil-stretched effects. Create the picture you want by experimenting with the photo effects and their settings. There’s even a feature that allows you to use your photo as the image on a $1 note if you like! Please save the file to your computer, send it via email, or embed it on other websites.


• Use this tool anytime photos need to be edited for use.
• Each photo effect creates your desired image.

• Sometimes the quality of an image is not good.

Featured AI Picture Restorer offers you an easy way to restore your old photos, especially when you want to find a way to add colors to your images for free. Using to restore your old pictures, you don’t have to install it and have unlimited free credits to colorize the photos.

Colourise Online


Although there aren’t any free picture restoration tools mentioned here, commercial ones like VanceAI Photo Restorer may serve as excellent alternatives to more traditional photo restoration methods. Traditional picture restoration methods are more complicated when compared to AI old photo restoration. However, the absence of editing tools means you can’t make adjustments to the effects. If you are interested, you may read Best AI Online Old Photo Restoration Tools Review from TopTen.AI


1. Is there any AI picture restorer free to use?

Yes, Hotpot AI Picture restorer is free to use. Scratch removal, face enhancement, and color sharpening are all made possible with the help of Hotpot AI image restoration skills. The identical task used to take a team of highly trained specialists’ hours to complete. The business restores both color and black-and-and-and-white photographs.

2. How can I restore my photos online?

Use picture restorer tools like Vance AI photo restorer to restore photos online. All you have to do is upload the picture and wait for proceeding the process, and then download the restorer photo.

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