How to Make Copies of Old Photos?

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Did you recently find some old family photos that brought back memories? Grandma had curly hair and a smile worthy of a motion picture, and your great-grandfather dressed well. Perhaps you want to preserve photos for future generations or you are an archivist.

With these tips in your back pocket, you will be prepared to digitize and make copies of old photos and answer your question of “how do I make digital copies of old photos!”

Why you should make Copies of Old Photos

If you  have vintage old photos and want to make it look best, you may use the AI old photo restoration service provided by VanceAI to remove all the imperfections of old photos.
Turning your photos into digital copies takes more effort than just storing them in a photo album. No matter how much you enjoy shooting with film or holding physical memories, you may want to convert old photos to digital copies for a variety of reasons.

  • Physical photos are easily damaged. Your collection of photos could be ruined forever by water damage, discoloration, and accidental tears. You can create as many copies as you need using digital copies. In the event of a flood or fire, your entire family history will never be lost.
  • A lot of space can be taken up by photo albums, frames, and storage boxes: In contrast, a single external hard drive the size of a deck of cards can store hundreds of thousands of digital copies.
  • Sharing family photos is important: With digitized photos, everyone in the family can enjoy their favorite childhood memories. All photos can be accessed by all members of the family.

You can edit digital photos to eliminate blemishes, adjust white balance and lighting, or crop out ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends as needed. Physical photos cannot be adjusted to the same extent. Every photo should be as good as it can be.

It is a good idea for everyone to scan old photos, no matter what their circumstances are. Even though it takes a little time or money, safeguarding old photos is worth the effort.

If the investment is putting you off, you can always start with your most cherished photos. You don’t have to digitize your entire collection at once.

Best Way to Make Copies of Old Photos?

Step 1: Scan a photo of your old photos with a scanner

It may not be the most high-fi option, but sometimes a mediocre copy of a family photo is better than nothing, especially when the backup is securely stored in the cloud. Send your aunt a cherished picture of her mother with your digital camera or phone instead of relying on the post office.

Tips for quality scans

  • Lay your old photo horizontally on a smooth surface. You can use a table or even the floor.
  • Dust and dirt should be removed from the photo and camera lens.
  • If possible, light the image with overhead lighting to prevent glare and unpleasant shadows.
  • Put your camera on a tripod and place it parallel to the subject. You must face directly downward. Make sure your camera lens does not fall forward due to its weight.
  • Make sure the image fills the entire viewfinder by adjusting the tripod. You can crop the image later in Photoshop or another program with some extra space on the side.
  • Set your camera to the highest resolution possible. Detail is everything. You may need your macro lens if you’re taking a tiny picture.
  • Avoid the glare of doom by not using the flash.
  • To avoid having to go through the entire setup again, take several pictures.

1. Google PhotoScan

With PhotoScan, you can use your phone’s camera to scan and save your favorite prints.

Aside from glare-free scans, Google PhotoScan features automatic cropping and smart rotation to ensure your images are straight and level. Install the free app on your smartphone. Orient the photo to be scanned and click the shutter. Each of the four corners of the photo is then surrounded by a white circle.

Contact each circle one at a time by moving your phone horizontally. Keep your phone level; don’t tilt it. Tap the thumbnail in the lower right to view the scanned image after you’ve made contact with all four circles.

During the scan process, the screen displaying the image allows you to rotate it, adjust its corners, and delete it to try again. By tapping the Share icon, you can send the scanned image via email, messaging, or other apps and services.

You can view the image by tapping the left arrow in the upper-left corner. You can capture another scan by tapping the left arrow again.

Keep your scans safe, searchable, and organized by backing them up with Google Photos. With movies, filters, and advanced editing controls, you can put your scans to life. You can send a link to anyone, and they can view it.

2. Photomyne

Using Photomyne, you can make live digital records of your photos and share them with others. Download the app to experience the power of cutting-edge AI technology.

Photomyne offers a free app that gives you a taste of what they have to offer. Try scanning basic photos to see if it suits your needs (before deciding if you want to upgrade).

Step 2: Restore copies of old photos with an AI picture restorer

VanceAI Photo Restorer is an AI-powered online application from VanceAI that excels at restoring old photos. VanceAI’s newest application will also provide some of the best and most common features of its other applications, as it is the newest addition to VanceAI’s application list.

As part of this tool, AI and Deep Learning methods are used to capture images and enhance their details. It also has batch-processing capabilities. In addition, you can restore old photos online without having to download anything.

How to Restore a Picture with VanceAI?

1. Go to VanceAI website

Open the VanceAI Photo Restorer to begin restoring a picture from the webisite of this photo enhancer. From there, you can upload the picture. The Workspace will appear.

2. Add an image

You’ll find an upload button to the left of the plus sign. You can upload an image by selecting it from your device. Next, click the Start Process button. The application will begin to restore the old photos. Additionally, you can view your account information.

3. Download the image

A pop-up will appear on the Processed tab after a few seconds of processing. To preview the image, click the Preview button on the right side of the image. You can now save the image using the Download Image button.


Today, AI image processing tools such as photo restoration form VanceAI make it easy to restore old pictures. You only need a few steps to restore a picture with the Picture Restorer.

Artificial intelligence combined with Deep Learning can process images pixel by pixel, which helps applications recreate them. As a result, the applications are also capable of replacing damaged parts of the image with realistic reproductions. Read Best AI Online Old Photo Restoration Tools Review from TopTen.AI  if you are interested.

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