How to Change PNG to PDF in 3 Best Methods

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Change PNG to PDF

Have you been wondering how to change PNG to PDF? Since PNG files are difficult to send through an email or share online because of their large sizes, knowing the hack to convert PNG to PDF will be handy. The ability to change PNG to PDF is especially useful to people who constantly share pictures online or their profession is rooted in photography.

In this article, we will show you three best methods to convert a PNG to a PDF document using easy-to-access platforms online that have tools dedicated to achieving this purpose.

Part 1: How to Change PNG to PDF with VancePDF?

Converting PNG to PDF with VancePDF is one of the fastest way to change your PNG file to PNG online. With a track record of proven success in protecting user data, and a high conversion rate in the quality of the converted files, it is definitely one of the best methods listed here to change PNG to PDF. The procedures for using VancePDF are:

Step 1: You can navigate to the VancePDF PNG to PDF with the link here. Then upload your file by clicking on “select file”.

change png to pdf_VancePDF step1

Step 2: Set necessary settings on the page according to your needs, then click on “Convert” button.

change PNG to PDF_VancePDF step2

Step 3: Click on “Download” button to download the PNG to PDF file.

change png to pdf_VancePDF step3

Part 2: How to Change PNG to PDF with Soda PDF?

Soda PDF is a sophisticated software with easy-to-use PDF tools that can be used to edit, merge, convert any document from or to PDF. It has a special feature that can help in converting PNG to PDF. With soda PDF, you can change PNG to PDF with simple and uncomplicated steps that are listed below:

Step 1: Use the link provided in this post to navigate to the exact page to convert a PNG to PDF.

Step 2: Drag-and-drop your PNG file or select the file from Googledrive, dropbox or device.

Upload file to SodaPDF to change PNG to PDF

Step 3: download immediately or send the converted PNG to PDF file by email.

Change PNG to PDF in SodaPDF and download

Part 3: How to Change PNG to PDF with DocFly?

With DocFly, you can convert PNG to PDF freely. DocFly is one of the modern websites available for free to convert PNG to PDF following a simple process. DocFly also makes use of an encryption process to enhance the security of the files being uploaded on this platform. The process of converting PNG to PDF here is listed below:

Step1: Navigate to the site by clicking the links above.

Step2: In the provided box, click to upload your PNG file or simply drag and drop the file here.

Upload file to Docfly to change PNG to PDF

Step3: Immediately the file is uploaded, the process of converting PNG to PDF starts. Then, click on the option icon on the image, click on “download button”.

Change PNG to PDF in Docfly and download



It can particularly be cumbersome to convert PNG to PDF files. However, with the methods we have shared here with you, the process has been simplified and you have options to select from when next time you want to change PNG into PDF files online.

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