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We spend a lot of time on social media and for many reasons. Due to its immense popularity, it is no longer just a place to socialize but also a platform for business, art, design, and much more. This platform is undoubtedly dominated by visuals and that makes high-quality images become more important than ever.

However, the images you have might be imperfect. For example, images with undesirable background are really a headache. Today, even casual users make use of tools such as a background eraser on a regular basis. The use can be anything, from removing a specific object that makes an image untidy to a complete overhaul of an entire background of an image.


Normally, you’d expect an image editor software to handle all you ask. But with the increasing constraints on time and resources, users desire a background eraser online at least. It is pretty common to erase background for editing but competent tools are hard to come by. As such, this review deals with an online application named BGremover, a software that allows users to erase background online. A background eraser application needs to be proficient since it is needed to deal with intricate images and this review should help you decide whether the AI background eraser holds up.

BGremover – AI Background Remover

The AI background eraser is one of all the features that VanceAI overall provides. For now, our focus is sorely on the AI background eraser of course. The main home page of the AI background eraser is from where users can know about the application and access it as well. It is a background eraser online tool that fortunately does not require any kinds of downloads.

How does this AI-powered background remover work?

As for the technology, VanceAI and its various applications, AI background eraser included, make use of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. Also called ConvNet, this technology consists mainly of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning methodologies and algorithms that are fed into the system for processing images. The application itself is an automatic one, so uploading the image is all you need to do. The AI background eraser app works well and just how an online tool should. It is not cluttered and is presented well. You can also use the social media and email plugins for various tasks such as bookmarking the page with ease.


How to erase background in the photo with BGremover

You can access the application from the home page of BGremover. So, visit the link and click on the background erasing option you see there. You can also test the application a little bit by scrolling down and using the slider on the images presented or read on to know how to erase the background in a photo from the tool.

Step 1:  Upload image to the AI Background Eraser

On the upload page, you can click on the image with the plus sign to select an image and open it. Otherwise, you can drag and drop the image or even better, simply paste the link of the image by clicking on “paste URL” just below the upload tool.

Note: As long as your images do not exceed the 25 megapixels resolution limit and 10 MB image size limit, you shouldn’t face any issues. In case your image exceeds those limits, the online tool will still render it but by resizing or compressing it beforehand. You can upload images that fall under jpeg, jpg, and png formats only.

Step 2:  Erase background in one click

Once uploaded, the application will upload and process the image. After a short while, you will see the result in front of you. You can make use of the Original tab under the image by clicking on it, as it will restore the original image for comparison. Click on it again to get back to the result.


Step 3: Download the result

You will need an account to download the full-size image. If not, you can directly download a preview version of the output. Simply click on the Download button.

Moreover, you can edit the preview version of the image as well. You can refer to the image shown above to get a sense of it.


The background eraser is free for a limited amount of use. It allows five uses per month and on an AI background eraser, it allows free download of the output image in preview mode only. The preview mode is basically a smaller resolution of the original. To upgrade your account type, you can opt for either the Basic or Pro versions. The Basic plan costs $9.90 per month and the Pro one costs $19.90 per month. Partnered with reputable companies such as The Verge, VanceAI is surely taking good steps to become known as a premium image editing application out there.

The Basic account allows users 200 credits per month. One image processing request uses one credit. There is an increase in maximum resolution and image size, with up to 3000×3000 pixels and 10 MB allowed respectively. Meanwhile, the Pro version offers unlimited credits. As for resolutions and image size, it is also unlimited if you use the Pro version on the software edition of VanceAI.

Overall, the AI background eraser has an editing tool that allows you to manipulate your image and its background to some extent. You can blur backgrounds, creating a sort of a bokeh effect, or you can fully switch the background with any color.


There are many pros to the AI background eraser. It has a really solid technology running for it, while its processing and UI both maintain the speed you would want from an image editing and background eraser software online. It also gets bonus points for going the extra step and providing users with some cool editing features. If there is any area where BGremover feels underwhelming is that it restricts users from using the full-size output image. Other than that, it is a reliable online tool.

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