How to Restore Old Photo Online? | Best Tools Review In 2022

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Best Photo Restoration Tools In 2022

Old photo restoration is a useful photo editing and enhancement technique that creates better design options for the users. You can bring old photos back to life and present them in different ways. Not to mention that photo restoration applications and tools are only getting better with time and they can now fix heavily damaged old photos as well, regardless of whether they are old family photos, vintage images, etc. You can enhance old photos online as well, with applications such as VanceAI taking big steps to ensure that users find the process of old photo restoration as easy and quick as possible. In this ranking of photo restoration tools 2022, we will be examining multiple old photo restoration applications to see their strengths, features, and more.

Best photo restoration tools by categories

1. Best Comprehensive: VanceAI Photo Restorer
2. Best Powerful: Photoshop
3. Best Professional: Photo Glory
4. Best Convenient: Remini
5. Best Affordable: VanceAI Photo Restorer
6. Best Free: MyHeritage / Hotpot

How to restore old photos with VanceAI Photo Restorer?

This guide tells you the steps of how to remove scratches from old photos online by using AI Photo Restorer.

Step 1: By using the link given above, you can access the old photo restoration tool online on the VanceAI website. Once there, you can click on Upload Image to get started and open up the Workspace.

Step 2: Once inside VanceAI Restorer Workspace, you can upload images and manage everything else. You can use the tool settings on the right, check remaining image credits on top, and more. After uploading an image, click on Start to Process to restore old photos online.

Step 3: After a few seconds of processing, you will see the result image appear on the screen. You can click on Download Image to save the image in your device.

You can follow this guide for using most VanceAI tools since they follow the same structure.

The best photo restoration tools (our picks):

1. VanceAI Photo Restorer

Why it made the cut: VanceAI Photo Restorer is an old photo restoration tool with a lot of variety and options. Given how important accessibility is for the VanceAI team, you can definitely see it being applied to this tool in many ways. The UI design of VanceAI enables users to manage everything from one place, which is rare to find in website based photo editing applications. The AI algorithms allow it to offer high quality results.

Key features:

  • A strong system of AI and Machine Learning algorithms unique to each VanceAI tool for better performance and results.
  • The Workspace, allows users to manage everything from a single window. It boosts efficiency and gives the platform a professional edge.
  • Highly useful features such as workflow, manual editing options like the brush tool, batch processing, and more.
  • Higher accessibility than most other photo editing apps. VanceAI offers API service, a software edition of the application, and budget-friendly subscription plans.


  • VanceAI is consistent when it comes to adding new updates to its platform in order to make photo editing easier for users.
  • Great UI design.


  • Some tools may need a page reload to become responsive again.
  • VanceAI only supports JPG, JPEG, and PNG image file formats.

2. Photoshop

Why it made the cut: Photoshop is one of the most powerful photo editing applications, if not the most. With an application like Photoshop, you have the most number of options and ways to edit images, which also includes old photo restoration. It is also a software application which requires high expertise from the user as it does not enhance images automatically, but it does provide high quality results if used correctly. Not to mention that Photoshop is a photo editing software that is used by many professionals in various fields.

Key features:

  • Photoshop, similar to VanceAI, makes sure that it remains highly competitive in terms of the technology that they use for image processing as it results in better performance.
  • Photoshop offers a massive amount of photo editing tools that can cover basically any image editing requirement the user may have.
  • Adobe also offers the Creative Cloud, which is basically a collection of various photo editing and creation apps that boost Photoshop in ways.


  • By learning Photoshop, you get access to highly sophisticated tools and performance.
  • Photoshop is excellent in old photo restoration and it provides great results in other aspects too.


  • Photoshop is a highly expensive photo editing software, which can deter many users from subscribing to it.
  • It is also really complicated to use and not really suitable for users looking for automatic photo editing options.

3. Hotpot.AI

Why it made the cut: Hotpot.AI or Hotpot is a fairly popular online platform for image editing and enhancement. It offers a pretty generous free trial with good results. When you’re using this application, you can simply get to the tool you want, upload an image, and get the result in a short time. Hotpot does share some similarities to VanceAI, especially when it comes to ease of use.

Key features:

  • An AI-based image processing system that makes photo editing automatic and easy. It also manages to offer good results.
  • A simple and quick-to-load website.
  • Multiple image editing tools that you can easily access on the website.


  • As an online photo editing platform, Hotpot is surely one of the easier websites to use and get results with.
  • It offers a few unique photo editing tools that can be useful for artistic editing.


  • The results aren’t always up to the mark and processing can take time.
  • Not as sophisticated as other online-based photo editing platforms.

4. Photo Glory

Why it made the cut: Photo Glory is a software application that is geared towards ease of use, similar to VanceAI and Hotpot. It also takes additional steps to make sure that the software remains professional. Not to mention that this software is designed specifically for old photo restoration, which makes it different from many other software apps, such as Photoshop that are designed for photo editing as a whole.

Key features:

  • Photo Glory focuses on all aspects of old photo restoration and is hence prepared to deal with all kinds of damages that could occur to old photos.
  • Similar to VanceAI, this software also offers the feature of coloring old damaged photos in order to give them a brand new look.
  • It offers automatic and manual editing options to users, which makes the app pretty professional to many users.
  • The software also offers effects and filters that enhance the looks of old images.


  • It is a software that focuses and excels in old photo restoration.
  • You can enhance old photos in many ways, including colorization and adding effects.


  • It is an expensive software application to use, considering that it is only designed for old photo restoration.
  • It is only available for the Windows operating system.

5. MyHeritage

Why it made the cut: When it comes to online photo restoration platforms, MyHeritage is definitely one of the most popular. It specializes in old photo restoration, old photo animation, ancestry detection, and many other similar spheres. You can find everything on their website. They also offer a premium account for those who would like to make use of everything the app has to offer.

Key features:

  • Offers a simple way of restoring old photos. You can simply upload images and get results.
  • It has a sophisticated system on board that enables it to provide good results and some special features, such as animating old photos.
  • The entire platform deals with history, DNA, old photo restoration, and other similar topics.


  •  The platform is easy to use and offers results relatively quickly.
  • Offers multiple interesting features that anyone could use.


  • It requires an account from the user to upload images and get results.
  • It does not offer any other photo editing tools or options.

6. Remini

Why it made the cut: Remini is a popular photo editing and enhancement application that has a noticeable presence in the image editing apps market. The Remini photo editing application is available to use online on its website and is a highly used mobile application as well. The mobile app is available on Android and iOS devices. Due to this and Remini’s AI based approach, it is a pretty convenient app to use for photo editing needs.

Key features:

  • Remini offers tools to restore old photos, enhance photo quality, remove image noise, and more. These tools are commonly used by many people.
  • Remini has a steady presence on mobile devices and offers good performance there.
  • It can be picked up by any user since it does photo editing automatically.


  • Offers a decent level of accessibility due to its mobile applications and AI based system.
  • It has a good UI design on all platforms and offers quick results.


  • It could offer more options for old photo restoration.
  • Remini does not offer many other photo editing tools.

Final thoughts on the best photo restoration tools

A great thing about all of the best photo restoration tools is that they offer something unique to the user in accordance to their brand or design. Therefore, users have many options to choose from and see which tool is most suitable to their requirements. If you’re looking for faster results with many photo editing tools and features, VanceAI is a top choice. Alternatively, Photoshop can offer you the best results if you know how to use the software and can spare the time. On a similar note, you can try out other tools as well.

Further perfect old photos with VanceAI

VanceAI is a sophisticated online platform that offers more than old photo restoration. With other VanceAI tools, you can improve the results that you get from VanceAI Photo Restorer. For example, you can combine the Photo Restorer with VanceAI Image Enhancer in order to enhance photo details by a considerable margin. Additionally, you can also use VanceAI Photo Colorizer to give old photos a better look by adding color to them.

VanceAI also offers alternatives that make old photo restoration and other photo editing operations easier. You can go to to restore old photos. These alternatives are free to use but do not offer exclusive features of VanceAI. You can use VanceAI offline as well, by downloading VanceAI Software. By getting a subscription, you and your team can together use VanceAI on multiple computer systems.


1. How to restore old photos automatically?

Applications such as VanceAI and Hotpot are really good sources for restoring old photos automatically since these applications make use of AI and Machine Learning to process images automatically. They rely on advanced algorithms for getting results instead of manual editing. You can use either of these applications by using the links given in this review.

2. What is the best online photo editing tool to restore old photos?

Platforms such as MyHeritage and VanceAI are known to offer some of the best results when it comes to old photo restoration. You can surely rely on them for repairing damages from old photos. VanceAI additionally offers many other image editing tools that work well with the photo restorer tool and offer value on their own as well. MyHeritage is a more focused application that strictly deals with old photo restoration, animation, and more.


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