VanceAI Photo Restorer Introduces Manual Editing with Brush Features

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a before-after picture restored by VanceAI Photo Restorer

Although an automatic AI tool, VanceAI Photo Restorer adds a major new feature allowing users to make further edits through their brush tools.

[Hong Kong, China], AUG/10/2022.

VanceAI Technology announced a new update to their VanceAI Photo Restorer tool, a top rated old photo restoration tool online. This new update will now allow users to do manual editing with brush features after the image has been processed by the Photo Restorer tool. This update is an excellent addition for graphic designers and photographers who would like to perfect their image. The Photo Restorer tool already provides clean outputs but this update will help achieve even better results while maintaining VanceAI as an easy to use photo editing application.

Your perfect old family photos are not a dream anymore. You can restore old photos pretty much flawlessly with the new update coming to VanceAI Photo Restorer. The brush tools allow for a more detailed editing including further removing unwanted scratches or dots, which in turn make it possible to restore old photos in better quality.

Features and Benefits of VanceAI Photo Restorer:

1. Get Results On Par with Premium Software Apps

While the AI and Machine Learning algorithms are excellent in their approach to damaged old photos and manage to consistently offer great results, having an additional option of manual editing simply enhances the Photo Restorer significantly. Users can now polish up their images in the way they want, making VanceAI Photo Restorer one of the most customized tools online.

2. Colorization Options

When making an old damaged photo modern, you can go beyond just digital photo repair. While most online tools only offer image repairing, VanceAI Photo Restorer can colorize your image as well.

3. Easy to Use Application

Photo restoration can be highly complex as it deals with the smallest of damage spots, sepia, marks, etc on a photo. Not to mention the color tone imbalance. With VanceAI, you can stop worrying about any of that as the AI automatically repairs your images in a few moments.

About VanceAI

VanceAI is an emerging online platform for image editing and enhancement. The website already has a high number of tools that you can use right now to improve your photos in different ways. From basic tools like cropping to advanced tools like photo restoration, VanceAI has it all. Moreover, all VanceAI tools are powered by AI and Machine Learning algorithms, so you don’t have to edit anything yourself. Simply upload an image and get results.

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