Top 5 Online Old Photo Restoration Websites Review

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Top 5 Online Old Photo Restoration Websites Review

Do you have a bunch of old photos that have lost their luster and faded through the years? There’s a solution to help restore old photos and make them as good as new: VanceAI Photo Restorer. An exciting tool that allows you to restore old photos online free and transform your old scratched and spotted pictures, VanceAI Photo Restorer leaves your photos looking like originals.

With the help of AI photo restoration, you can refresh old memories and create a new digital copy of the photographs to share with your friends and family. We have listed the top 5 websites that offer photo restoration online free services for you to check out.

Top 5 Online Old Photo Restoration Websites

1.   VanceAI Photo Restorer

VanceAI offers a variety of AI-powered tools that help users process and transform images anytime. The website offers various image editing tools, such as

  • Image enlarger
  • Image upscaler
  • Image retoucher
  • Image compressor
  • Photo colorizer
  • Portrait retoucher
  • Photo dehaze
  • Image denoiser and more.

VanceAI enables you to restore old photos instantly using deep AI learning. Whether you want to remove scratches from old photos online or refresh the colors of an old family photograph, you do all this and much more with VanceAI Photo Restorer.

With VanceAI Photo Restorer, you can not only remove tears and scratches but also improve the colors and clarity of old photos. So if you are searching for a fool-proof old photo restoration tool, VanceAI Photo Restorer is your best bet.

We have identified the pros and cons to help you decide which website suits your restoration needs.


  • AI photo restoration
  • Photo restoration online free
  • Face enhancement
  • Safe data guarantee
  • Easy to use interface with quick results


  • Sign-up is required to unlock unlimited uploads.


2.   Fix the photo

This is another great option for AI photo restoration; however, this service isn’t free like VanceAI Photo Restorer. If you wish to restore old photos, you need to scan them and send them to this service provider. They will restore and repair damaged parts of the picture and return a fully restored and beautiful photograph.

The website offers different picture restoration services, such as

  • Water damage restoration
  • Mold damage restoration
  • Restore and reassemble missing pieces
  • Black & white photo colorization
  • Antique photo restoration
  • Ripped and torn photo repair
  • Stains, scratches, and blemish removal
  • Photo sharpening


  • Several old photo restoration
  • You can write recommendations when you upload your scanned image.
  • You can submit photographs for revision if needed.


  • This website isn’t free.
  • The minimum amount you must pay for old photo restoration is $30.


3.   Damaged photo restoration

If you like details, then you will love this old photo restoration website. Apart from offering spectacular photo editing and restoring services, the website mentions even the smallest details about how they can restore old photos and make them look new.

Photos can become damaged over the years for various reasons, but it’s possible to brighten up old memories with an advanced AI picture restorer like Damaged Photo Restoration. You can avail different services, including

  • Restore old photos
  • Photo enhancement services
  • Water damaged photo restoration
  • Retouching old photos
  • Photo reconstruction
  • Photo repair services
  • Enlarge old photos
  • Colorize old photos
  • Black and white photo restoration
  • Antique photo restoration


  • A detailed explanation of old photo restoration is available on the website.
  • Uses advanced technology to restore and repair images.
  • You can read customer feedback on the website.


  • High pricing plans.
  • The minimum amount requires for a standard photo restoration service is $25.

4.   Image Restoration Center

If you want guaranteed results that will blow your mind, Image Restoration Center is the right option for you. With expert artists who know how to look past the obvious problems to repair the damage pixel by pixel and deliver a perfectly restored photograph.

To use the services of photo restoration online, you need to scan the photo or click an image with your phone. Simply upload the picture at the checkout, and the team at Image Restoration Center will immediately start working on it.

You can rely on the artists to thoroughly analyze the photograph and ask for help from their historical advisors for old photo restoration. You can expect the restored photograph to reach your inbox within 24-72 hours.

In addition, if you plan to restore old photos to present to someone as a gift, you can also have the photos delivered to your doorstep at an extra cost.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this website to see how well it fares against the rest.


  • High-quality photo restoration
  • They offer buyer protection with a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Extensive revisions subject to pricing plan.


  • A pricey option for $34.99/ per photograph.


5.   Photo Restoration Services

With this website, you can repair scratched, stained, and torn photographs to give them a new lease on life. They employ a digital process to retain maximum detail from the original photo and reverse any damage caused by time.

To remove scratches from old photos online or repair damaged ones, simply scan the picture at high resolution and get in touch with the team on the other end to discuss the project. This old photo restoration tool is very easy to use and provides quick results.


  • Fold and scratch damage repair
  • Fading correction
  • Missing pieces recreated
  • Black and white photo colorization


  • This website isn’t free.
  • The minimum cost of restoring an old photo is £10 and can go up to £60.


Out of all the options listed above, VanceAI Photo Restorer is the only tool to restore old photos online free. While the others also deliver spectacular results, nothing compares to an AI picture restorer that gives the same results at no cost at all.


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