What Does a Graphic Designer Do and How to Become One

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What is a graphic designer?

A graphic designer communicates the ideas and message of a brand or company to an identified target. They create, using visual elements like colors, shapes and texts, logos, posters, billboards, and any digital marketing materials. All in all, they are an integral part of every marketing effort, whether for traditional marketing or digital marketing.

what is a graphic designer

What does a graphic designer do?

‘What does a graphic designer do?’ The work of a graphic designer is pretty straightforward. If you ask any graphic designer around you, the simple answer you’d get is “we design graphics.” While this is a somewhat simple straightforward answer, “design graphics” has a lot to it.

However, to elaborate, where a graphic designer works or what they specialize in greatly determines the kind of things they do. Generally, they define the scope of a project and use photo editing software, layout software, and digital illustration to create designs for a brand, company. They tell a visual story with imageries to a target audience.

Graphic designer jobs example

Graphics design jobs are highly sought-after niche these days. Virtually every brand wants to get itself and its ideals out there. Graphics design helps do just that. However, graphics designers can operate in various roles in an organization or as freelance graphic designers. A few of graphic design jobs examples include:

1. Package designer

graphic dsigner job_package designer

Package designers design the packaging of the production. As a graphic designer, you can fit into such a role by putting into 2D images 3D renderings. As a package designer, AI background remover tool should be an integral part of your collection.


As you see the example shown above, BGremover could help you solve the fiddly tasks liking matting out objectives’ background with only a few clicks.

2. Creative director

As a creative director, a graphic designer creates the vision of the company. With your skill as a graphics designer, you portray this vision in prints and logos.

3. Logo designer

Every company needs a logo designer for such corporate material. Either as a freelance graphic designer, beginner, or senior graphic designer, this is a job for you.

4. Interface designer

graphic designer job_interface designer

As an interface designer, you create interactive visual content for your brand or company. A graphic designer can fit in well here.

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How to become a graphic designer

Firstly, remember that becoming a graphic designer is no easy feat, requiring a great deal of creativity and dedication. Having said that, if you look forward to becoming one, consider enrolling in a graphics designing course. Here, you will learn the nitty-gritty of the graphic designer job. This also provides you with qualifications that may be necessary to get a major graphic designer job.

In addition to the acquisition of the basic skills and qualifications, as a result of the nature of graphics designing which involves creativity, you must be a creative thinker to craft out unique designs. Much more, you must possess time management skills as you would have to run against time to meet deadlines. More so, you must be able to pay close attention to details. This is required to create a cutting-edge design. Also, a tool like BGremover can help you create a transparent background for an image and kickstart your graphic design career.

Furthermore, on how to become a graphic designer, you must have the right attitude to work. You should be able to work with a team as sometimes you will need to collaborate with other designers or other professionals to get a job done.

how to become graphic designer

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1. Is graphics designing a good career?

If you are a creative thinker and you enjoy technology and arts as well as communication, graphic designing could be a good and enjoyable career for you. Graphics designing, as stated earlier is one of the most sought skills today. More so, you could choose to work as a freelancer and determine the time and kind of work you want to do.

2. Do graphic designers make good money?

The average graphic designer salary is decent enough to earn a living. However, how much you earn also depends on a range of factor, including your experience, speed and recommendations. All in all, if you can hone your skills and dedicate more time to it, you’ll earn enough from the niche.

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