AVIF: How It Can Benefit Your Website Performance

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Performance plays an integral role in the success of any online business. Since most users and consumers rely on their mobile gadgets to access digital contents, the need for optimal performance and accessibility has gone up drastically. The goal of SEO is to ensure your site stays competitive and offers the best user experience every time there is a visitor on your site. Hence, the need to prioritize user satisfaction for them to be retained has geared towards the use of AVIF image format.

Since images are often the major stumbling block for site’s performance and speed especially on mobiles, the AVIF image format is a simple solution to increase SEO performance.

What is AVIF image format?

The AV1 Image file format, or AVIF, is the latest image codec on earth. It is an optimized image format that was created to make our images smaller while keeping the same quality. The file extension is “.avif”. In the basic term, ‘AVIF’ is an image format that compresses the images while giving out the same image quality. It is a better alternative to traditional formats like WebP, JPEG or PNG.

What is AVIF format

AVIF is an extraction from the popular video format, AV1. They extracted the keyframes from AV1 to create access to royalty-free images, better compression efficiency and with more features than the existing image formats. When displaying an image, AVIF takes the least amount of bits/pixel compared to other image formats. Also, it is compatible with high dynamic range imaging and supports up to 10x smaller sized images while maintaining highest resolution and quality.

Though this image file format is still relatively new as it not yet supported across all browsers, but it has backings from big companies like Apple, Amazon and Netflix.

What will your site benefit if using AVIF on it?

As a website owner, you might be wondering what you stand to benefit from using the AVIF images on your website. In this post, we will detail out the major benefits of using this image format on your website to optimize your website contents.

  • It is royalty free: This is great news since you can make use of this without having to pay or worry about licensing. It is actually a win-win situation for you as a webmaster because you get access to quality images, your site will be optimized and you get to do all that for free.
  • Faster website leads to better performance: With AVIF, you have access to optimized images that will aid faster performance on your website which will be essential to google analytics and thereby giving your website better recognition and accessibility.
  • Modern Features: AVIF is packed with modern features which range from transparency, high dynamic range, support for lossy and lossless compressions to color depth. AVIF image file format has a depth of 8, 10, and 12-bits in color. It also supports ICC profiles, ISO/IEC CICP and wide color gamut. All these points at superior quality images with impressive color ranges despite being compressed to smaller sizes.

For an end-user, you enjoy the following benefits too:

  • High quality Images: How many times have you downloaded images and end up having fewer quality images than you intended to? Well, AVIF is here to solve the issue as you can rest assured that you can download any image and have the same optimum quality.
  • Also, you enjoy faster access to information on websites even when the internet connection is slow because of the optimization that AVIF images avail to the website contents.

How to convert JPEG to AVIF?


Convertio is one of the leading web-based file conversion services. With the tools, you can convert JPEG to AVIF because it supports various file formats from audio to videos, images, documents and many more. Since it offers web-based service, you don’t have to be worried about downloading any software, as long as you can access the internet, it can be used. This AVIF converter is particularly unique since it is free and offers access to cloud storage. To use Convertio as an AVIF converter, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the site through the link provided here and click on “choose files”.

Upload image to Convertio

Step2: Click to “convert” the JPEG to AVIF.

Convert JPEG to AVIF in Convertio

Step3: Then click on “Download” to download the converted AVIF.

Download AVIF from Convertio


AVIF is definitely shaping up to be the game changer in the industry with most people already tagging it as the future of SEO. It has a lot of features that can guarantee it reaching the full hyped potential but for now, it is not yet available on all platforms as it can only be used on Google chrome alone. Apart from this drawdown, AVIF is the next best thing that can take your search engine optimization game to the next level. Why don’t you hop on the new trend now?

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