How to Increase Image Resolution Without Photoshop

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It is straightforward for people to decrease the image’s resolution by using different photoshop tools in today’s world. But when it comes to increasing the photos’ resolution, they always feel difficulty because it’s complicated. We often work with the photos to resize them, making them attractive and Engaging because of their poor quality. Moreover, if you are trying to increase the height and width of the Photo, it will not work for you because the Photo’s pixels become distorted, and your Photo will lose its quality. Today we are going to discuss how we can increase image resolution without photoshop.

Increase Image Resolution with 5 Best Ways

For basic picture tasks, we generally avoid using Photoshop. It is a hefty program and will take longer to load. To assist you to keep picture quality while increasing image resolution, there are several alternatives programmed available. In this article, we will discuss some of the finest tools for improving picture resolution without Photoshop.

How to increase image resolution with VanceAI

As a full-suite online image enhancer provider, VanceAI offers you various tools and solutions to help you enhance photo. You can increase image resolution without photoshop by using VanceAl Image Enlarger.

This online tool aims to provide excellent outcomes while offering no sacrifices. With it, you can take advantage of a fast and hassle-free image restoration procedure. In addition to restoring colors, you can make them vibrate, too. Photographic resolution may be doubled, quadrupled, or even eightfold, and this has no effect on image quality but improves it. To denoise a picture or sharpen a blurry one, you may use VanceAI Image Enlarger.

Vance AI


  •  It is fast and competent.
  • Automatically process images


  • You have to pay an extra 9.9$ per month for the basic edition

How to increase image resolution with Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is another online platform that uses technology to increase image resolution without photoshop by state-of-the-art neural networks. A database of pictures containing over a petabyte of data is used for training the neural network. The network has acquired characteristics that are more often associated with tangible things, such as bricks, walls, hair, and skin. When pictures are uploaded, the network analyses the images and then uses general knowledge about the world to add more information.

Lets Enhance


  • You can increase image resolution to 4x
  • It automatically eliminates blocky noise.
  • Removes picture degradation and restores photos to their best quality, allowing for high-quality printing or design usage.


  • You have to purchase a plan of 9$ for a month which gives you 100 images credited.

How to increase image resolution with Image Upscaler

When it comes to spreading a lower quality picture over a larger display, increasing the resolution is perfect. Transferring pixels from a lower resolution picture to make up for any missing pixels on a higher resolution display is known as upscaling. When a low-quality original image is upscaled, it is depixelated. In these instances, a programme like an AI image upscaler will significantly improve the details in the shot.

Image Upscaler


  • High-Quality result.
  • Processing takes 20 to 30 seconds.


  • The file limit was not more than 5 Mb.

How to increase image resolution with Photoshop?

For more than one reason, Photoshop is the all-in-one solution for increasing image resolution. When working in Photoshop, how can you increase the resolution of your image? When you need to look into specifics, such as pricing, offering specific services, or showing product features, you should use image editing software such as Photoshop to make the pictures larger or higher quality. If you are a graphic designer and want to increase image resolution, Photoshop will be the best option.



  • Ordinary pictures will be converted into professional.
  • Support almost every format.
  • Compatible with programs.


  • You have to learn it before using it.
  • You have to purchase a subscription.
  • High PC requirements.

How to increase image resolution with Deep Image?

Deep image is one of the Artifical intelligence based tool which helps the user to increase the image resolution without photoshop. You can increase the image resolution by 2x with just one click and for free for a number of files. Deep image is mostly liked by mobile users because of its results.

Deep Image


  • Available for IOS and Android users.
  • High Quality results.


  • You have to purchase the paid plan starting from 9$ per month.


How to increase resolution of image online?

We have suggested one of the finest tools to increase resolution of image online. Only you need to do is just upload the file and wait for processing then download the file after 20 to 30 seconds.

How to increase resolution of image without Photoshop?

The simplest answer to this problem is to utilize online free tools that are created using a pre-defined algorithm to increase the pictures, making it unnecessary for consumers to know how to use the software. Because it is inexpensive and fully automated, the procedure typically has free utilities. Ads may be used to keep the website operating, however, they should not be placed directly on the page itself. It is enough to be cautious so that users do not mistakenly do actions.


Useful resources such as VanceAI and Let’s Enhance are ideal for those who seek fast results while obtaining the highest possible quality. Many other startups provide similar services, but VanceAI is still expected to remain the leading AI image upscaler in the top 15 in 2021. With VanceAI’s various services, you’re getting a lot of advantages. This all-inclusive image enhancer may instantly boost image quality. It’s impressive to see, and it utilises the most sophisticated tools at your disposal to improve picture quality, clarity, and color. Also read: How to Enhance Photo Resolution with Best 4 Ways.


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