How To Get A Target Passport Photo Online

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When traveling overseas, a passport is a must-have item. On the other hand, you may make several mistakes on passport applications, such as inappropriate stance, wrong size, incorrect backdrop, smiling in the photo, etc. People frequently make errors with their passport photo sizes.

Many nations have distinct passport photo sizes—America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, China, etc. Their target passport photo criteria differ from one another. As a result, passport photo sizes should get greater attention. As a result, a tool to resize photos to passport size will be required.

How do we ensure that we don’t make mistakes on these matters? Going to a photography gallery that prints all standard passport photo sizes and won’t make any mistakes is the most straightforward approach to getting a passport photo. If there isn’t enough time for a photography gallery, can’t we downsize the image to target passport size? We can. In this post, you may determine how to get a target photo online to passport size.

Due to passport photographs’ exact size, backdrop, and framing requirements, it’s frequently best to leave them to the specialists.

Seventy-five percent of Americans live within 10 miles of a Target store, making them quite accessible, which may have you wondering if they take passport photographs. Here’s what we discovered!

Is it possible to order passport photos from Target online?

Yes, for $12.99, Target can take and process passport photographs online. When you arrive at the website, click ‘get started,’ An online photo-taking program will guide you through framing and distance from the camera. Your photographs will be delivered to the address you select. However, various websites may assist you in getting a target passport photo.

Continue reading to learn more about online services and the advantages of getting your passport photographs online.

How to Get a Target Passport Photo Online with VanceAI Passport Photo Maker

VanceAI is an AI-powered online photo editor, and their target passport photo creator lets you choose from eight different passport sizes and backdrops. For non-participating nations, you can define your passport photo size parameters. When you have everything set up correctly and upload a photo, it will first resize the shot to passport photo size and then replace the original backgrounds with aligned passport backgrounds.

vanceai passport photo maker

It will improve the visual quality before it reaches your eyes. A suitable passport photo is now being taken. As you can see, if you want to enlarge a photo to passport size at home, you’ll need a passport size maker, such as the VanceAI passport photo maker.

What can you do with it? Here is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1:

Click “Select Image” in VanceAI Passport Photo Maker.


Step 2:

Now you must resize your photo to passport dimensions. In the photo section, adjust the dimensions of your facial space. Once you’ve finished with the backdrop and Canvas settings, rotation, and AI adjustment, click “Next.”

step 2

Step 3:

If you’re particular about the photo, click “Complete.”

step 3

Step 4:

Select the desired printing size or download a single photo.

step 4

Review of the VanceAI Passport Photo Maker

Here are two examples of VanceAI passport photo maker’s work. Let’s take a closer look.

Samples 1

sample 1

Samples 2

sample 2

VanceAI Passport Photo Maker works in this manner. The end product is fantastic, and the little rotation buttons allow me to alter the photographs to my desired angles. As you can see, the first step is to change the photo backdrop when I upload the image, and then you can take care of the details one by one. All of these quick procedures are just to set the settings correctly. In any case, these results satisfy me much. Good work!

How to do it with Alternatives of VanceAI

However, you will be presented with a plethora of options. We’ve made it simple for you by composing a list of the top passport photo manufacturers on the market.

We graded them based on the features they provide and whether or not they are free. There are points for the online interface and the complexity of the procedure. Furthermore, we have given websites that assist their consumers through FAQs a higher ranking than those that do not. So, look at this list and tell us what you think of the rankings!


This is both a website and a free app accessible on Google Play and the App Store. It allows individuals to upload their photographs, edit them, and convert them to passport-sized images. It contains a face identification AI that auto-crops and eliminates the background from photos, and the entire process takes less than a minute. They also guarantee approval, offering to repay twice as much if your photo is rejected. It provides many possibilities for UK consumers, including driving licenses, visas, and university photo selections.


  • Has been featured in Forbes, National Geographic, and other publications.
  • Apps are also available.


  • It is paid program
  1. Targetphoto

Target’s print quality is fine, but the rest of the experience—from purchasing to packaging and shipping—is unpolished, and local pickup is no longer available.

target photo

The new Target Photo interface displays cost in huge squares on the start page for the size and surface you select. The costs are often more expensive than those found elsewhere: A basic glossy 4-by-6 print will set you back 29 cents. For instance, Walmart Picture, our Editors’ Choice winner for low-cost photo printing, prices only 9 cents.


  • Excellent printing
  • Options for affordable shipping
  • Photo-printed greeting cards and presents


  • The prices are relatively high.
  • There are fewer ordering options and a less intuitive UI than competitors.
  • The packaging is mediocre.
  • No photographs from social media accounts


VanceAI also offers more sophisticated AI image editing capabilities and this passport photo creator. When you’re ready to take a passport photo but acquire pimples on your face, VanceAI Portrait Retoucher provides a quick solution. This Portrait Retoucher can enhance your facial details with one-click retouching if you want to eliminate acne from your face in a photograph swiftly. Such scenarios may no longer annoy you now that you have this instrument. We’re all aware that girls don’t like to see blemishes in excellent images.


  1. What is the size of a target passport photo?

There is no single correct solution. It varies depending on the nation. It is two by 2 inches in most nations. According to US passport regulations, the head must be 1- 1 3/8 inches from the chin.

  1. How do you take a target passport photo?

It would help if you first took a photograph. The shot must be clear, with a white backdrop if possible. Your face must be prominent and face the camera. Ask someone else to snap the photo if possible. Always remember to dress professionally. After that, go to one of the sites listed above, submit your photo, and you’re done. Download and print them, or use the ordering services that some of them provide.

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